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CDRC does what ADR providers and organizations cannot do alone

CDRC is the legislative advocate for all of ADR. It actively supports ADR providers and membership organizations, as well as ADR professionals and consumers.

The political actions directly available to your organization are probably limited. In fact, if you are a 501(c)(3) non profit you are very limited in the political action you can take.

As an industry-wide representative organization, CDRC aggregates resources.  Each ADR organization does not have to pay for an expensive lobbyist.

Because CDRC speaks for the industry, CDRC carries authority and clout.  In addition, because CDRC represents all of the interests of ADR, there is little chance for divisive action by those who would seek to limit or compromise ADR.

CDRC provides a unified, clear, and cogent voice for ADR.

Let’s face it: Most providers and industry organizations don’t have the time, resources, or inclination to take on the myriad of complex ADR policy issues that are constantly being raised. CDRC’s purpose, on the other hand, is to do just that.

CDRC is the voice for ADR providers and other ADR organizations in Sacramento.

Where others may fear, CDRC fearlessly acts

Many of the biggest challenges to ADR come from a lack of understanding on the part of well-meaning legislators. These are people skilled and knowledgeable, but not in the ADR arena. In these cases, it is important to be familiar with their possible motives to build bridges for profitable discussions, and at the same time have credibility in order to effectively stand up for what is important.

One example occurred with AB2475 – introduced in the 2010 legislative session – which would have eliminated immunity for mediators. The legislator and his staff did not understand the scope and terminology involved in calling someone a “mediator". They were willing to amend the bill but the amendments were not satisfactory and CDRC was a major factor in keeping the bill from getting out of committee.

The "Monitored Foreclosure Program," introduced in the 2010 session as AB 1639, is another example. The author was genuinely interested in assisting foreclosure victims through a mediation process. But the staff did not understand how mediation worked and so, among other things, the mediator was required to make reports to the program administrator, thereupon breaching confidentiality, and the first draft also imposed substantial administrative duties on the mediator. CDRC worked closely with the staff and ultimately an acceptable bill was drafted and was passed by the Assembly. It was defeated in the Senate because of objections by the banking industry.


CDRC is perceived as fair and balanced. Because CDRC is not for profit and it represents the cross-section of ADR interests, it is able to take the moral high road on ADR issues. CDRC has built a reputation for integrity, consistency, and honesty in Sacramento that stands all ADR orgainzations in good stead when the hot issues have to be negotiated.


CDRC supports ADR organizations like yours

ADR services have been efficiently supported and distributed by organizations like yours. With your provider and member networks, California lawyers and other consumers have an effective way of finding and scheduling the best ADR professionals who have experience and knowledge that meets their particular needs.

Unfortunately, the success of ADR has led to threats of its continued viability. Many interests in California view ADR with suspicion and therefore seek legislation that limits the use of ADR or that taps into your revenue stream.

This means your organization may suffer catastrophically as the scope and revenue of ADR shrink, rather than grow.

CDRC is there to see that California providers and consumers have the largest possible set of dispute resolution options available – so that your ADR organization will have room to expand and grow.


As a Result:
  • Your ADR organization has an active advocate for ADR policy making.
  • Your ADR organization has a strong representative in Sacramento who is committed to integrity, honesty, and consistency within the ADR process.
  • Your ADR organization has a respected defender whose voice is heard above the clamor.

We urge your organization to join us. Not only guard the integrity of ADR, but also protect your ability to receive adequate compensation or DRPA funding for the ADR related work that you do.


Here are two easy steps for you:

To get started, become a member of CDRC. Or send a donation to CDRC. CDRC is fully funded by memberships and donations.

Or, to learn more about CDRC, the work it does, and how CDRC probably is an important organization for you, click here.