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CDRC promotes the value and benefits of community-based mediation programs. Judges, county officials, and others who work with these programs every day know their value.  But legislators, the Judicial Council, and regulators who work in Sacramento often lose sight of the enormous contribution these programs make to the judicial process.  Or they just don’t understand.

CDRC not only accentuates the positive about community-based programs with every branch of state government. CDRC also tirelessly keeps watch on legislative and judicial activity in Sacramento to protect the funding and integrity of these programs.


CDRC prevents diversion of DRPA funding.

When the Judicial Council considered allowing other court-related services access to funds set aside under the Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA), CDRC was there to advocate for community-based mediation programs and DRPA providers.

CDRC reminded all concerned that the intent of DRPA is to exclusively support ADR programs.  DRPA assists courts statewide by promoting and providing access to alternative options for justice through mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and similar processes. Other court-related programs, which may be very worthy of funding in their own right, do not fit the criteria laid out under DRPA.

CDRC was successful in preserving these funds solely for programs in each county that provides free or low cost access to ADR services.

CDRC remains vigilant against future threats to DRPA funding. There is, for example, legislation currently pending that have significant impacts and unintended consequences for community mediation and DRPA providers.


CDRC supports increased funding for community programs.

CDRC has been instrumental in introducing and developing legislation that would increase the amount of funds allocated to community ADR programs under DRPA.

Court-filing fees allocated by DRPA have not been increased in over 16 years.  As a result, even as costs have increased dramatically, there has been static or declining funding for community mediation programs and DRPA providers.

CDRC was successful in facilitating a bill that was passed by the legislature in 2009. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed it at the last minute. CDRC is ready to try again next year when the potential for successfully passing this critically-needed funding increase will be greater.


CDRC preserves the integrity and effectiveness of ADR.


CDRC provides influential information and guidance to policy-makers, judges, state bureaucracies and others around issues that are fundamental to community mediation and DRPA providers – including confidentiality, mediator certification, mediator compensation and much, much more.




If you are a nonprofit community-based mediation agency and/or a conflict resolution program receiving funding through the Dispute Resolution Programs Act, it is critical that you join CDRC and become an Organizational Member.   Support CDRC’s efforts to advocate on behalf of your program – and mediation programs like yours – throughout California.

If you are a volunteer mediator or community member that has experienced first-hand the powerful benefits mediation has to peacefully and positively resolve a wide range of disputes and problems AND if you want to keep those services affordable and accessible to all – please add your voice to others at the state level by becoming an individual member of CDRC.

Help keep your community-based mediation program alive and thriving.


Here are two easy steps for you:

To get started, become a member of CDRC. Or send a donation to CDRC. CDRC is fully funded by memberships and donations.

Or, to learn more about CDRC, the work it does, and how CDRC probably is an important organization for you, click here.