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In Sacramento and courts nationally, CDRC is now considered the “go-to” organization for input on legislative and judicial ADR issues.

CDRC is the only not-for-profit ADR organization in California with a full time lobbyist.  Our Lobbyist, Donne Brownsey represent a variety of important causes and organizations, including solar power, the Breast Cancer Fund, and the California Adoption Lawyer; and she was the first California lobbyist to focus on ADR.

CDRC has reviewed and weighed in on more than 500 pieces of proposed legislation in California that would, for example, have diluted the integrity of ADR processes, compromised mediation confidentiality, and required payment of ADR related fees to the State.  CDRC has also written Amicus briefs and has been influential in the holdings of significant ADR related cases including: Foxgate, Rojas, Simmons, Armendariz, Eisendrath and many others.

CDRC represents the interests of the entire ADR community from part-time community mediators to full scale ADR entities.  As the ONLY organization that serves the interests of the entire ADR community, it actively:

  • Tracks all proposed and pending legislation in the California Legislature with an ADR component to protect ADR and the interests of the ADR community.
  • Promotes Best Practice Standards applicable to all ADR providers (individuals and entities) throughout the State of California.
  • Works closely with the California Judicial Council to represent the interests of the ADR community and shape ADR policy within the Courts.
  • Meets face to face several times a year with key legislators on ADR related issues to advance interests of the ADR community.
  • Sponsors legislation that is beneficial to the ADR community – including increases in funding for community mediation centers under the Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA).
  • Affords valuable educational opportuni­ties through statewide dialogs and at the CDRC Annual Conference.
  • Keeps the ADR community informed of important current issues via regular newsletters and postings to our web site
  • Provides a conduit for your voice to be heard in the halls of the legislature and in the courts.

Join us – so that your views and your voice can effectively be heard in Sacramento and across the State.