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Here are some ways you can make your presence felt and know that your views will be heard.

  • Join CDRC. CDRC is primarily funded by membership dues. Become a member today or renew your membership. Click here.
  • Participate. Join one of the many CDRC Committees and consider serving on the CDRC’s Board of Directors.
  • Be informed. CDRC is the unifying force in the ADR field. Get CDRC’s Alerts and attend the Annual Conference to get connected and stay involved.
  • Speak out. Visit the Hot Issues page and contact the legislator who is responsible for any legislation that does not reflect your own views.
  • Get the word out. Tell your friends and colleagues about CDRC and its vital role in the ADR Community. Encourage them to become members. If you maintain a website, please include a link to CDRC.
  • Share. Have an ADR training, event, or article you’d like to share? E-mail us our Webmaster.
  • Give what you can, but generously. CDRC relies on generous donations to protect ADR and your ADR business. Click here.


Please do your part to protect ADR